Star Wars Speeder 3D print Making Of
Zachary brackin spdrmo 01

Front bottom half after printing.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 02

Going from the Form1+ to the Form2 the body was originally 12 pieces, 6 on top and 6 on bottom. With the larger print volume of the Form2 I did it in 4 parts which made it much easier

Zachary brackin spdrmo 03

Interior done in two halves

Zachary brackin spdrmo 04

attached the interior to the top half and primed it

Zachary brackin spdrmo 05

Painted the interior colors, center console painted metal and placed in there for the photo

Zachary brackin spdrmo 06

very careful masking to do the yellow paint on this part. Ended up redoing it several times due to paint issues

Zachary brackin spdrmo 07

A test with some of the big parts taped together to look at the overall size.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 08

Here's the arduino attached to the inside of the bottom half

Zachary brackin spdrmo 09

Here's the OLED screen module.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 10

Here's all the parts, the right engine was smoothed and primed, but I decided to wait until I did the left engine to paint them both at the same time.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 11

Got good results on the detailed parts

Zachary brackin spdrmo 12

Closed the two halves together and ran all the lights through. The center console has LED's underneath with clear 3D printed parts inserted into the button spots.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 13

The back part is getting closed off so I took a picture of the interior with the arduino there.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 14

Finished sanding and smoothing the body seams and masked off the interior so I could paint the body.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 15

The lights on the back are installed and masked off so I don't paint over the lights

Zachary brackin spdrmo 16

Yellow is painted and it's masked off to do the orange

Zachary brackin spdrmo 17

Here is after the orange is painted

Zachary brackin spdrmo 18

Now the green is masked off after painting the orange. It took 3 hours to do all the masking. It's just very tedious

Zachary brackin spdrmo 22

After painting the yellow/orange/green

Zachary brackin spdrmo 19

After finishing the body paint, I needed some silver line details on the dashboard, originally tried paint pens but they weren't fine enough so I made some vinyl masks and masked it off so I could spray the lines.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 20

Printing the masks and cutting them out of vinyl sticker sheets helped to get some of the perfect edges for the paint masking.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 21

Arranged one of the engines to get things organized.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 23

Placed a lot of the interior parts in, the main controls have a pretty simple lighting setup, clear parts for the buttons and then 4 LED's behind that to light them all up.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 24

The main body is finished and the parts for the engines are clean and laid out to be assembled.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 25

First engine assembled. Here's a tip, for AK metal paints you need to wait a few days before you use masking tape on them, otherwise it'll leave some adhesive behind on the paint.

Zachary brackin spdrmo 26

Compare to the old Hasbro toy.

Star Wars Speeder 3D print Making Of

Here's some photos of the process of making the speeder. I made the most progress when I got the Form1+ printer, but later that year they announced the Form2 and it had enough improvements that I sold the Form1+ so that I could preorder it and then put the project on hold until it shipped. I have a box of the old parts I printed on the Form1+ but I redid them all with the Form2, it gets better results overall and it also gave me an opportunity to redesign some parts to get more detail or to make it easier to assemble.

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