Zachary brackin r2 final fixed

Textured render
Weathering isn't meant to match any specific version of the prop, since there were many. Used Substance Painter to create weathering maps. Vray for rendering.

Zachary brackin r2d2 gray

Gray render.

Zachary brackin r2d2 wire

Wireframe, you can see some areas I did too much geometry but I was thinking about 3D printing at the time.


R2-D2 is my favorite Star Wars character, I did a model a while back based off the R2 Builders club specifications. So all of the parts match those plans. Finished the texturing recently, the blue material uses a shellac material that's not technically physically correct but it looks good. The weathering is layers and layers of dirt and other stuff.

More artwork
Zachary brackin spdr 01Zachary brackin spdrmo 11Zachary brackin render final