Serenity / Firefly
Zachary brackin background full extreme

Just a fun render to do. I composited the glow effect in the back with basic 3ds Max volumetric effects, and then the streams of energy were done with simple "ribbon" meshes with some creative use of falloff and gradient maps.

Zachary brackin serenity gray3

A low view render

Zachary brackin serenity gray1

Here you can see the top

Zachary brackin serenity gray2

And the back

Serenity / Firefly

3D model of Serenity from the movie. I did this a while back and I'm currently working on a new version. This was done way back so I used Mental Ray.

More artwork
Zachary brackin spdr 01Zachary brackin spdrmo 11Zachary brackin r2 final fixed