Star Wars - Hotrod Speeder
Zachary brackin render final

A nicer render I did, composited from separate scenes. I used Obi-Wan because I didn't feel like making Anakin.

Zachary brackin speederrender

I was really pleased with how it came out after getting the texturing done

Zachary brackin speederrender2
Zachary brackin speeder orthographic

Orthographic view

Zachary brackin speeder 01

Unreal 4 game rendering

Zachary brackin speeder 03

another render from Unreal 4

Zachary brackin speederwire 01

Here's a wire view of the game mesh

Zachary brackin speederwire 02

back wire view of the game mesh

Star Wars - Hotrod Speeder

I got into 3D around when Episode II came out and the speeder chase was something that I really obsessed over. Back then I had tried to model it but didn't do a very good job, so a while after I had improved my skills I decided to try again. I wish I had the renders of the original model to be able to compare how far I've come but I couldn't find any files anywhere.
I also modeled a low-poly version and brought that into Unreal 4. Did a simple gameplay setup to drive it around.

Also in the process of 3D printing this at 1/10th scale. It's mostly done but I'm going to be adding that stuff later.

More artwork
Zachary brackin spdr 01Zachary brackin firefly weapZachary brackin r2 final fixed