Fire Training Software
Zachary brackin airfam 1

Full model of DFW airport, took a while to model due to the need to make it accurate. All markings modeled, all signs modeled (1,237 textures for that)

Zachary brackin airfam 2

Night time 3D view of the airport. It has over 21,000 individually placed lights (had to be placed that way because nothing is perfect in real life). Had to create a way to make the lights render properly and run well.

Zachary brackin aircraft 01

Aircraft familiarization. 3D models of 9 aircraft. Interiors and exteriors. This app is also available on iOS and Android.

Zachary brackin aircraft 04

A350 model, has the landing gear detailed and animated.

Zachary brackin aircraft 05

Cutaway view of the 747

Zachary brackin aircraft 02

Challenger 650, had struggled to get good reference for this

Zachary brackin aircraft 03

Cockpit view, had to make sure that buttons are readable and then highlight the ones that are important to airport firefighters

Zachary brackin fire vehicles

Several vehicles to use in strategy planing. These are low-poly with normal maps.

Zachary brackin fire vehicles wire

Wire view of the vehicles

Fire Training Software

This is some 3D work I did on an app for work. DFW Airport updated their training classroom and wanted custom training software. Originally we used Adobe Air and UDK, but I ended up converting all of it over to Unity. Here we've got the Airport Familiarization which is designed to show all signage/markings/lighting at the airport so that they can see examples without having to drive around the airport. For aircraft there's some controls they need to know in case they need to shut down the aircraft so we have 9 aircraft with areas of interest for them highlighted. Each is modeled inside and out.
Besides that we have another module that allows them to design scenarios and discuss strategies.

More artwork
Zachary brackin spdr 01Zachary brackin spdrmo 11Zachary brackin render final